The Religious Choice.

I am a tolerant person. I even have religious friends. It’s not that I believe they are bad people, its just that they have made a choice. And its a choice I cannot, in good conscious, support. They are trying to force this lifestyle into the open, and into acceptance by the common public. With their Parades, and constant lobbying of government. It has even infiltrated the schooling of our children… OUR CHILDREN DAMNIT! and it has to be stopped. I don’t know about you, but I dont want MY children learning that the world is 6000 years old, or that two people who apparently repeatedly reproduced with their own children, are how we came into existence! I might be a monkey, but i am NOT the result of 6000 years of inbreeding.

The Religious Agenda is moving hard in Ottawa and Washington. Laws protecting this “choice” have been being passed for decades, even centuries. And in that time, we have seen terrible things happen to society.

Not only are there the lobbying issues, but the fact the “religious” people are often carriers/victims of the most devastating disease on earth.


Now yes, it is true that non-religious people also suffer from Ignorance (it has reach pandemic status in North America) but it is more concentrated in the religious community. (Especially among the females, who practice more unprotected bible reading then anyone else)

We cannot allow this disease to continue to spread unchallenged.

I am even willing to admit that it might not be a choice at all, it is possible some are born that way, or possibly tricked into believing by older “Religion” worshipers who use they status and influence to abuse the minds of these young, and impressionable, children.

In this case, I would say they have a higher calling….


For those who cannot suppress their deism, they are called to keep it to themselves, and keep silence.

I understand the challenge these brave individuals face, but if it becomes too much, we can always send them to a “Atheist” Camp. were they will learn to move beyond their limited and petty desires of the flesh.

I do support the right of religious people to have a “marriage”… this being a solely religious term, it does not come with any federal or provincial tax benefits, or other legal rights (since the separation of church and state would prohibit church’s from granting legal rights) but they could still be “married”

I am however against them being allowed to adopt, as it is against the best interests of society. a Family is meant to being about a new, productive, member of society. This is a task that the “religious” find difficult, as the ignorance can be passed by contact, or even airborne if exposure is prolonged.

Lastly, and possibly most dangerous, is their Paranoid Hypocrisy. this combination of …whats the word?… LYING… ya thats it…. of lying, and constantly believing people are our to get you, is truly devastating to a nation.

They see “agendas” everywhere… the “Gay” agenda (who doesnt want to be happy? THE RELIGIOUS) … everywhere they look, someone is against them.

Which leads to the hypocrisy, the saying of one thing, and doing another. “We arent violent” and “X preached peace” they shout… all the while loading their assault rifles, and making napalm in their basements. We must be careful. We all know what happens when you combine Ignorance and Guns:

Sarah Palin shoots a wolf from a chopper.

A chopper Arnold is NOT trying to get to.

….. But like I said, I have religious friends, I like them as people, and love them as fellow evolved monkeys…. I just believe a core part of who they are is an abomination unto Nature.


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