Protect the Vulnerable

In this day and age, we find ourselves needing to protect the truly vulnerable in society. One could have hoped that with the coming of the new millennium we would have outgrown the need for such insanity.

And yet, even as I sit here, around the world millions of people are being persecuted.  But today, I want to talk about a much smaller group. A group not forgotten, but overlooked by man. A group crying out for a hug.

I am, of course, talking about the bigots. Often, we overlook these struggling homophobes, racists, and misogynists in our busy integrated lives.  Every day, they are out there trying to make the world a little bit worse, and we aren’t helping!

Tragically, these people are the last of a slowly dying breed. Every day, it is harder for them to pass on their intolerance to others. Their own children are taken 5 days a week to a integration and social programming mill or “school”, where they are taught things like respect, equality, and history… all against the wishes of bigotted parents.

No more is it safe for the simple racist to burn a cross on a neighbours yard, or for the Alternate History Enthusiast to publish a newsletter claiming the Holocaust was a communist lie.  Each and every day, these poor, downtrodden bigots are losing hope.

But you can help. You can make a difference in these poor sods lives.  We can give the misogynists hope, and who doesn’t love Miso after all? The trick is, you need to consume large quantities of a substance called “Moonshine”, until your IQ hits somewhere between Daffy Duck, and your pet rock. (Keep the rock, it will come in handy when you want to break a window… or catch your wife cheating on you with her bruncle… AGAIN.)

This however may be impossible, but even so there is hope.  In an effort to let the bigot live free, a preserve has been set up.

I believe they call it Mississippi.


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