Conservative Canada, O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Friends. Canadians. Countrymen. Lend me your eyes.

The time has finally come to embrace our fate. No longer does the red flag of the liberal fly over our great nation. We are blue… conservative blue. We are a nation that values jails over healthcare, machines of war over machines of media.  Gone are the days we had where the CBC was unassailable. No more can we say we know clearly where our priorities lay.

Instead, we move forward into the blue. A world where Canada spends more on fighter jets than on healthcare. A world where we imprison kids with a dime of weed, but punish no one for Contempt of Parliament. But what will this all mean?

But how does the old girl look in conservative blue? Maybe we can pull it off?

Not for me thanks.

Let me paint you a picture of Blue Canada.

Over the lake, and into the sky rises the sun.  Over the years, the preservation of the lakes has deteriorated, starting with the gutting of the Fisheries act. Now, while the lake is still beautiful, it is also dead. No more fish swim in it, and no more can you see the early morning fisherman out in their boats, enjoying sunrise, quiet, and a cup of coffee.

Getting ready for work is still as boring as always, and leaving ones downtown apartment, you walk past the hollowed out core of a town. Small businesses have been driven back, and now can only be found in towns too small for a Walmart.

Getting in your car, you lament once more the cost of gas, as all funding for Alternative Energies is withdrawn.

Across town you head, to were everyone is going.. factories, walmarts, and box stores of the world.  The largest new employers though are the prisons. Massive Mega-Jails set up for all the first time offenders, and cancer-patient pot smokers of the new world…. Tuition costs have gotten so high only the elite of society can afford more than a basic education.. luckily for you, you can drive on. You work at the hospital across town.

The hospital is in the same state as the town, a shell of its former greatness. inside, those who can pay are prioritized over those who use the government healthcare, and with the cost of the education, and constant cuts to healthcare, the doctor shortage has become an epidemic.

It’s moments like this you wish you had learned french and moved to Quebec before they separated.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I hope none of these things truly come to pass… but this is our future if we don’t pay attention now.  The groundwork is laid. The fisheries act is being gutted, the C-10 omnibus crime bill is going ahead, the budget cuts will diminish the CBC, as well as health care. The government will not address tuition reform….

Canada is a great nation. But she doesn’t look good in blue.


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