Dear SEO Spammers…

Dear SEO Spammers,

I would like to take a moment to thank you. It would seem I had completely missed the point of my own blog. Here I was, idly typing my non-sense and opinions, all the while causing unknown grief to the SEO community. By not adding keywords to my titles, or using them over and over in my post, I had committed a mortal sin of the internet. It’s the only way to explain all the messages.

Thank you for pointing out that I should have key words in images, and in bold text… I need them in my last sentence of each post, and I should be using something called “H2 Tags”…

I’ve been blind. I thought the purpose of this blog was for the enjoyment and fun of myself an others? To get out ideas, and share a bit of my brain with the world… How could I have been more wrong? I’ve been so worried about making sure I said what I wanted to say, I gave no thought to all those people searching on google for “Random Guys  Opinion on Everything”, and now they’ve missed out.


Blogs for Fun/Passion, Not Google Results.


PS – Bite Me.


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