What’s really messed up with our concept of Beauty

It seems one cannot log into facebook without seeing at least 1 rant or post about the current concept of beauty. Why Marilyn Monroe was so much more attractive than Kate Moss, or how models are airbrushed…

Do people really think this helps?

First of all, everything in a magazine should be assumed altered. EVERYTHING. They aren’t selling fact, they are selling an idea. Usually a stupid idea.

I know I've never had a Big Mac that looks like this.

The issue is, people don’t seem to expect ads to be accurate. They aren’t. Time to get over that. As with everything else, the idea of beauty is both universal and incredibly individual. Much like what we consider delicious, or divine in the food word, what humans are attracted to, and find beauty in varies.

It is the non-acceptance of this that is truly harming us all. We as a group, as a civilization, have to come to terms with the fact that just because something doesn’t tickle us in the genitals doesn’t mean is wrong, or bad.  What works for some, will repulse others because we’re human. We have different tastes, different attractions, and different kinks.

Is this Beauty?

Who has the right to say Kate Moss should be any more uncomfortable in her body than Kristy Alley? We need to change our ideas on beauty, but not by simply changing the arbitrary standard on which we make such judgments. Going from “Anyone who isn’t X is ugly” to “Anyone who isn’t Y is ugly” is no improvement at all. I can’t be the only one who wanted to punch the people who made those stupid “When did This become hotter than this” posters for facebook. Whoever did should be ashamed of themselves. They are truly what is wrong with the current limited definition of beauty.

Men and Women are beautiful for many reasons. Maybe its the eyes, or the smile. Maybe its the build, or their height.  Hell, some of you probably got a little randy way back looking at the cheeseburger.

So ladies, please, know that you are beautiful, and realize that most guys care far more about things like what kind of music you listen to, how smart you are, and if you can stand to geek out with their friends. You know why we talk about womens bodies to much? Because before finding Ms. Right, its the only thing worth talking about in some of the morons we date (im sure you can say the same about all the dumbass guys you have to sift through.. I am truly lucky to have avoided that struggle)

And for the love of all that is holy, will someone get me a cheeseburger!?


2 thoughts on “What’s really messed up with our concept of Beauty

  1. Yes, I think it helps. People have complained about the use of unnaturally thin models, the lack of plus-sized models and the *undisclosed* use of photoshopping. And advertisers and magazines have paid attention. Have they made long enough strides? No, but that’s not to say our outrage, comments and concerns have no power and no place.

    It concerns me that you’d rather us just “get over it” than expect advertisers actually be…well, honest. No, I don’t expect a photo in an ad to be completely un-retouched. But I also shouldn’t expect people to be photoshopped beyond believability and sometimes, recognition.

    Now, on to the issue of the concept of beauty. Outside of proportions and symmetry, a lot of what we deem “attractive” is cultural and under the influence of popular opinion (and the think-tanks that form these opinions). I have no problem with someone that thinks Kate Moss is unattractive because she is too thin. I also have no problem with someone that thinks I am unattractive because I have a wide-bridged nose. Just the same, someone might like Kate because of pretty face or might like be because of my eyes and my smile.

    I understand trying to find the beauty in a person, but just as there are some people who are extremely attractive, there are some who are genuinely unattractive. Why is it a sin to admit the latter?

  2. Firstly, if its completely unbelievable, why the complaints about trying to look that way? If it isnt believable, no one is going to try and look like that.. even kids know you’ll not grow up to be a smurf.

    Other than that, I think you missed the point. Its perfect for people to decide what they do and do not find attractive. The issue is when YOUR idea of attractive tries to tell ME what *I* should find attractive.

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