The Importance of a Charter

On this day, 30 years ago, the charter of rights and freedoms was signed into law by Queen Elizabeth II. While our federal government refusing to celebrate the anniversary does not surprise me, the reaction from my fellow Canadians does.  Here they are, actually wishing to celebrate such a tragic day. The Day Canadians were stripped of their rights.

Now, granted, the Charter does still enshrine many of the rights we hold dear, but it also destroys the rights of the majority to do whatever they want. It robs us of our ability to torment gays till they commit suicide, or enforce our religious beliefs on others. It tramples over the honest racist, who just wants to be sure his kids are “taught the controversy” about whether the holocaust happened, or who doesn’t want to hire or even serve blacks at their restaurant. The Charter has robbed these Canadians of their ability to wax moronic in the public sphere.

In fact, it is SO AWFUL, that it has been adapted and adopted by South Africa, New Zealand, Israel, the Australian Capital Territory and the Australian state of Victoria. But clearly, the commenters on the National Post website know far more about legalities than the drafters, and politicians of multiple nations and states.

30 years later, here we sit. We live in one of the most multi-cultural nations on earth, with low crime rates, consistently ranked one of the “best” places to live in the world, with an average life expectancy in the high 70s, and one of the lowest rates of suicide in our young people… What a hell hole.


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