Things to come

It’s been a couple days since I updated, and I wanted to drop you all a quick line just explaining some things.

I’ve been busting my hump working on getting a few things into the shoot for the site here, and I finally have everything arranged.

First up, I will be live at the Toronto Bridal Show at the Direct Energy Center for opening night, and will live tweet from there. After that, I’ll be spending the weekend at the Creemore Home and Garden show, both Saturday and Sunday (more Tweets from there? we’ll have to see)

Over the next few weeks I will also be hitting the Gravenhurst and Bracebridge home shows, before the Big One. The Ottawa Comiccon. I’ll be there from start to finish, Blogging and tweeting the entire thing. With luck, I might even get some time with one of the guests for a quick chat.

I’ve also been working at getting some interviews with local business owners, and finding a lot of reading and things to review.  (Anything you would like to have me review, or think I should check out, let me know)

For anyone interested, we will also be celebrating my birthday in Ottawa on May 12th, with a Market Bar Crawl (which probably means a drink at Zaphods, then heading over to Heart and Crown), which all are welcome to join. I’ll be suited up.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!


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