The fall of the Goon, and Rise of the Cheap Shot

Hockey today has become a joke. Over the last year, GMs and others have lamented the fall of the hockey goon. That player whose only job was to go out there, and make sure everyone knew not to mess with the teams top players, or new players, or anyone really. They were a hit specialist, a fighter, a boxer on skates suffering the bruises and penalties to keep their friends safe.

They also felt the main wrath of the NHL crackdown on injuries. Now, lets ignore the fact that most serious injuries in the NHL came from checks, cheap shots, or pucks to the face…. not from fighting. But hey, that’s the path they set us on. And look how far we’ve come.

The Age of the Goon has Ended. A New Age has begun. The Age of the Cowardly Cheapshot.

No more can we say the better team will win, it’s become the team with the most disposable assets. No one with a functional brain will tell you that the NYR losing Hagelin was an “even trade” for the Senators losing their Captain (and future Hall of Famer) Alfredsson. The same can be said of Chicago Duncan Keith for Daniel Sedin. (5 games Vs what? 18 for Sedin, who even when he came back was not at full form)

A quick scan of these “playoffs” will show just how things are going. without the goon, its a trading game, and the team with more disposable players than the opponent has stars, wins.


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