Dear North Carolina

As those who know me, or follow this blog, or really anything else I write know, I’m rather vocal in my support of the ITGETSBETTER campaign, and equal rights in general.

I’ve been trying to let myself relax and become more constrained in my vocalization (well, words on this blog at least) won’t be as angry.

It’s not working.

I’m still incredibly pissed at what happened in North Carolina. I couldn’t imagine there was still a place where people would be AGAINST equality. So I started looking. Apparently the USA is full of these places. Hell, Mississippi doesn’t even draw the line at gay marriage. 46% of people in that state think interracial marriage should be illegal. Yup, that’s a real thing people want.

Now, luckily, no one would every consider letting a group of ignorant rednecks actually VOTE on re-legalizing race based discrimination. It is only acceptable to discriminate in 2012 based on the gender of the people you kiss, not the colour of their skin. Yay progress?

But the worst part of all this? How are we really to tell kids “It gets better”? Don’t worry about the bullies Jimmy, one day, you’ll grow up and not even half to meet the people making your life suck. It will be so much better when instead of a few angry teenage douchbags making your high school life hell, its you’re elected representatives legalizing that same bully mentality.

Now, originally, I was pissed at the christians. But I really shouldn’t be. Around the world, there a millions of christians who are not moronic asshats. So lets call a spade a spade. No matter what religion those cunts in NC are, they are cunts. I’m sure that word offends some people. I don’t care.

Tolerance doesn’t mean being nice to assholes. If you think gay people are less deserving, or not equal… you’re a cunt. A bigot, and a cunt. This isn’t a “states rights” issue. This isn’t a Religious Freedom issue. This is a group of people who, for no logical reason, find something they don’t like, and decide it’s wrong for everyone.

Seriously, even if the “gay is evil/sinful” crowd IS right? If heaven is a bunch of these cunts going around deciding my life for me, and hell is full of gays? I’d rather be in hell. It will be better decorated, and far less judgmental.

But hey, if someone can present a logically valid argument against equality… I’m all ears. But if you can’t? Shut the fuck up, and let people live their fucking lives.

GAH! We need to make it so at least as adults everyone is equal. Until then, it will never end. Teens aren’t stupid, they watch the news. And right now, there is a fucktard running to be the damn president who took time out of his day to REITERATE that he believes a certain % of the american people don’t deserve equal rights.

How does THIS convince people “it gets better”?

The worst part is, 50+% of the people in NC don’t care.

Fuck the lot of you all.


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