Working out.

Life’s been more than a little crazy over the last month and a half. I successfully hit my first target goal of being under 300lbs before my birthday. (Yay me!) But then my body and I apparently decided I need to stop losing. Weight, Inches, Body Fat… it all came to a grinding halt. To say this has been depressing would be the understatement of the year.  While losing 50lbs is still an accomplishment I take a great deal of pride in, I still find myself in the “going to die young, and not from fun” category. Now, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind dying young, provided that it’s from something awesome, like skydiving, or high speed wreck, or bludgeoned to death by giant boobs, but having a heart attack at 35 because I carried around too much flap for too long isn’t at all what I picture as “awesome”.

So, I will be starting a new work-out regiment, hoping to kickstart me. (It can be found detailed under the “FatguyFitt tab) I will also be, once again, be using the calorie counter found on (

But enough about that, Later today when I update the “fatguyfitt” tab, those interested will be able to check out all the new/old things I’ll be getting back to doing.

The reason I got a bad case of “fuckit” has been stress mostly. Stress related illness took me out of a job I loved back in December of last year, and the “road to recovery” hasn’t been a smooth one. It’s great when you’re put on EI for stress, and EI doesn’t pay you… for nearly 3 months. Really helps reduce the stress 😛

Then, about a month ago, things started to settle down. I was, once again, working full time, in a job I again love, with awesome people. I still get to work with DirectBuy of Barrie, doing the occasional sunday homeshow, and seeing all the awesome people there, and (most importantly), my bills are back to being considered “paid” at all times, instead of “wtf is going to get cut off next.” (ok, it was never that bad… but my savings are now far more depleted than I like)

So I now work with Directbuy again, but this time in Markham. I’m looking at moving to Toronto as soon as possible. I find I actually don’t mind the commute. It gives me time to wake up in the morning, and relax in the evening.

Everything is really starting to work out!

More posts will be coming this afternoon, with more details on my diet, exercise, and why one day (soon) I will look like a Fill in for the movie 300.

Cheers all,




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