On Discrimination and Disagreement

*Fair warning, some people may find parts of this post disturbing. (Probably the same parts I find humourous)


So, a friend of mine posted this article the other day: http://www.ncregister.com/blog/jimmy-akin/are-you-a-hater-or-a-bigot-or-are-you-just-intolerant

First off I feel I should say, I am REALLY glad my friends don’t all agree with my opinions, and will even challenge me on them. It keeps life interesting, and besides, who wants yes men (and women) for friends?

However, sometimes they post things that make me wanna slam my face into a desk. Not even necessarily because of the position it support (tho I often don’t like that either), but because of the blatant, unabashed, and insanely biased “logic” used… or maybe its the lack of logic used… by some of these “writers.”

I could spend the better part of the next two days pointing out the logical fallacies, and stupid arguments made in the above article… but honestly, I think the point its going for is an important one. There is a difference between disagreement and discrimination. The person who wrote this article just doesn’t seem to know what that difference is. So I’ll have to tell them/everyone reading this.

A disagreement is, by definition, a “lack of consensus or approval”, whereas discrimination is defined as “the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people”

This difference can be summed up pretty simply as “Thought” Vs “Action.”

As an atheist, I find I disagree with the way a lot of religions act. (For an example, just watch the batshit insanity that is “Jesus Camp”… a sample can be found here) I do not however, try and have laws passed criminalizing religion, or making belief a crime, or having churches labeled as terrorist organizations, or anything else. Why? Because taking away the rights of a group simply because I don’t AGREE with them is no longer disagreement, but discrimination.

People can disagree about politics, food, society or even sex… but the minute that disagreement becomes an initiative to prevent people from doing something YOU don’t “agree” with, it crosses the line.

You are free to dislike and disagree with whatever you want. But when you move across that line into trying to deny rights to a group of people… you’re a bigot. Accept it and move on. Take solace in the fact you are the last of a slowly dying breed, like natural blonds, or skinny americans without eating disorders. Enjoy living in the time you do, where you can cling desperately to the recent past, and not have to see the coming future where your bullshit isn’t tolerated anymore.

Enjoy it…. while you can.


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