On M312, Abortion, Women’s Rights, and My Penis.

Before I get started, I figure it should be made clear, I have a cock. Now, that doesn’t mean it does my thinking for me (all the time), or anything else. What it DOES mean is there is a certain subset of health concerns I have to worry about that my peni-lacking counterparts do not. (Testicular Cancer for example)

The reason I bring this up first is because I find that often those of us WITH a penis, don’t seem to get the fact that there are parts of a woman (referred to as “lady parts” by those who either lack a basic biology class, or have the mentality of 12 year olds) that we do NOT have, and come with concerns we DO NOT face.

I could sit here and tell you all about how myself, and my macho balls would handle an unwanted/unexpected pregnancy, how I would OBVIOUSLY choose life, or how after a long and bitter debate with myself, I would terminate.  I could talk about how certain I am about my choice on the matter, and how I can’t believe others would want things any other way.

But I won’t. Because I am not 15 anymore.

Life isn’t as black and white as it seems as a child, and our morals are often far more fluid than we would often like to think. Our morals can change incredibly quickly when the situation is thrust upon us. An honest man can lie to spare feelings, and a coward can die running into a burning school to save children. I would love to be able to say how the proposition of finding myself pregnant would be resolved… But not only can I not imagine it, it cannot happen.

Which brings me to M312, and its effects on womens rights. You see, women CAN imagine these circumstances, and CAN actually find themselves in them.  As such, they are much more able to face what is, at best (worst?) a hypothetical to me (and the Member of Parliament who proposed M312, who also HAS a member.) Beyond that, there is another group, who can help. A group of men and women. A group who might be able to at least better understand the medical implications of pregnancy… we call them DOCTORS.

I am not a doctor. I don’t play on on TV, and since getting married, I don’t play doctor at all. The issue here however is that neither are the vast majority of the people VOTING on M312. There are currently only 4 MDs in the House of Commons.  4/308 seats. That’s 1/77. Most are lawyers, with a few professional politicians, some business people, and a few miscellaneous. There are also 74 women currently sitting in the house. (for those who can’t do basic math, thats LESS then half.) So, this is the group that will be voting on womens rights. a group that is over 75% male, with just 4 MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS, are going to get together and decide if a medical procedure is ‘ok’ for women.

So lets keep this simple. If the decision is about a body… the owner get to make the decision. If it’s a medical decision about said body, consult a doctor.


Or, maybe we should just all write in explicit medical questions about vaginas, uteri (uterises?), and Cervix’s to our local member of parliament.  Since they seem to know so much, maybe one of them can mail me a diagram of were to find the damn G-spot.


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