A brief update

Hey everyone,


So its been awhile since I posted, and a long time since I posted an update, so for those interested, here it is.


Christine and Myself recently moved down to Toronto, where I was working, and have been super thrilled. We have been able to do all our meat shopping at St. Lawrence Market, getting fresh meat every week (no more freezer!), and sticking with amazing grass fed beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Chris has been getting soup bones, and the results of that have been amazing.

As far as the weight loss goes, im down another 5lbs, so I now weight in at an only “wow” level of fat, instead of an “OMFG WTF” level of fat. (Weight of 275 as of this morning) And am on track to lose 100lbs in 2012. Maybe the mayans where right…

I find myself more motivated, fresher each day, drinking a lot more water, and generally feeling pretty thrilled with life, which is saying something considering I was laid off from work on Thursday.

So, if anyone knows a good place to work, looking to hire a smart, larger than average, but getting slimmer, gent… lemme know?

Oh, New measurements will be added to the “Fat Guy Fitt” tab this week… probably tomorrow.



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