My Life would be some much easier if Misandry was real

Google Chrome keeps underlining “Misandry”. It does not recognize the word. That should tell you something right there.

This piece is mostly going to be in short sentences. They say short sentences help idiots understand things better. I hope it works.

Misandry is not real. It does not exist. But god, how I wish it did. The entire idea of Misandry is based on 2 things: 1) The Patriarchy/Patriarch Theory; and 2) Blaming #1 on women. Misandry is taking the ways the Patriarch theory hurts men, and saying it’s women’s fault. That simple. (Ok, trying to talk like this is annoying, so I’m done with it.)

I truly do wish it existed, however, as my life would be so incredibly simplified. Not necessarily easier, but simpler. The target for everything wrong would be easy to point out, while my duty would be to simply resist the evil Misandrist minions come to harvest my sperm and beat me down…. ok, that doesn’t sound so bad, but trust me, it’s SUPPOSED TO.

If Misandry were real, my job would simply be to fight it. It wouldn’t help me in very many/any ways so it would be an EASY thing to fight.

Tragically, this fantasy world doesn’t exist and my lot is much harder. Instead of a nice, clear enemy to fight, men have a much harder choice. We can either sit back and enjoy the many advantages the Patriarchy offers, or we can fight against the few disadvantages it offers, but in doing so, we know we are removing our own advantage.

You see, the social problems men face aren’t of Misandry, but our own twisted privilege system that states we must fit into a certain framework.

If it wasn’t for the idea the Women = Baby Factories/Daycare Workers rolled into one, we wouldn’t see the courts awarding women custody in such disproportional amounts. This isn’t women’s fault – we made this system, we just don’t want to deal with how it hurts us too.

And that’s the number 1 reason I wish Misandry was real. Because then, I wouldn’t have to admit that we did it to ourselves.

That’s the hardest part.


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