The war on Cars

I’ve always been a big believer that all this “war on X” terminology was simply hyperbolic, and served no real good.

In my lifetime, there has been the war on drugs, the war on terror, the war on christmas, the war on women, the war on men, the war on fashion, the war on poverty, the war on aids… Seriously, at this point, the only thing we HAVEN’T declared war on is Iran, and don’t worry, it’s coming.

The latest, “War on Cars” bullshit, comes to us from the disgraced mayor and his, cohort, Doug. At least, I would call it bullshit if it wasn’t looking more and more like a real war.

Today alone, 9 people were hit on the city streets. Thats almost 1/3rd of the number we lost in Afghanistan in the WORST YEAR of the war. (32 soldiers died in 2006, our worse year for KIA) Yup, that means its actually SAFER to enlist, and go let the Taliban shoot at you, than walk around Toronto.

That every year in toronto, we lose more citizens to cars than we lose soldiers fighting a war, should really tell you something.

Maybe we need to make this a real war on cars. Instead of being nice, and all “share the road” and “just give us some decent bike lanes” lets play hardball. I challenge EVERYONE to do something today to make toronto’s roads safer.

Bikes, take the lane, slow the traffic. Cars, slow the hell down, and pay attention.

But mostly, City Hall. Our government. Give us good lanes, and stop sucking on tailpipes. The benefit to a solid downtown without cars isn’t just the thanks of those who want to walk queen st. It’s also in keeping tax payers alive. You know, those of us who pay those crazy salaries, and fund things like roads… I can promise you, we don’t do it so you can run the road as if its a wild game hunting preserve for cyclists and pedestrians.

What are YOU going to do about it?



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