the Do’s and Don’ts of DIY

The great internet age. Where instructions for almost anything, from how to change a light-bulb, to how to assemble a mini nuclear reactor (yes, you can watch the YouTube Video here) can easily be found.

It’s a great time for those who like the “Do it Yourself” approach to life. I’ll confess, in a lot of ways, I’m one of them. I’d rather build my own computer than buy one, or fix minor things around the house than call in a plumber, or carpenter. But I’ve also worked in the trades, and have more than internet knowledge on these subjects.

The reason that’s important is because knowledge is only about 50% of the equation (or “Half the Battle.”) The other half is ability. Ability isn’t innate in everyone. There are savants out there who can read Mozart, and then flawlessly perform his symphonies. Yet the vast majority of people need years of study and practice to reach that level.

Luckily, changing a toilet out isn’t nearly as tough as playing a concerto. But it still might be a bit beyond someone who has never wielded a wrench before. When it comes to being an inspiring DIY-er the first thing people have to remember is that DIY isn’t ALWAYS the best way. The sense of accomplishment when you fix a leaky sink, or replace a few cracked tiles can be addictive, and, more destructively, give us a false sense of ability.

Replacing a few tiles is simple compared to re-tiling an entire bathroom. But hey, look how good those replacements look right? How much harder could it be?



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