Does hating Chris Brown make me a racist?

After last night, I found myself in a strange place… confused.

Humour often confuses me. I like jokes, and can usually figure out when to laugh, but I also have a heinously inappropriate sense of humour. I know this, my friends know this, anyone who spends 5 minutes with me probably knows this.

But does that inappropriate sense of humour mean that somewhere, deep inside, I am a racist?

This is a question I have honestly never pondered before. I’ve never thought badly of someone for there skin colour, and I was under the impression that was what made someone a racist.  But I have definitely mocked people of many different nationalities, ethnicities, and colours. Hell, I still can’t help but hope someone eventually beats the fuck out of Chris Brown. Not because he’s black, but because he’s a worthless human being who, and this is the important bit, BEAT HIS GIRLFRIEND.

And yet, it seems if someone makes a remark about a person of colour that is anything but complimentary, and ESPECIALLY if it is offensive, the immediate assumption is that said commenter is a racist.

Hence my conundrum.

I have spewed forth some incredibly angry, derogatory, and down right mean-spirited things about Chris Brown, Wesley Snipes (re- Tax Evasion), Gandhi (He actually WAS a racist), and multiple members of the All Blacks rugby team.

Upon looking at it, I’ve slammed my share of white guys too. But that’s not what’s really at question here.

This piece isn’t a defence of offensive humour. But I hope it makes people wonder a bit about what it takes to qualify for the title of Racist.

Fuck, I feel like a god damn Avenue Q song.

If Chris Rock had sent the same tweet the onion did, it wouldn’t have made it funny. It wouldn’t have made it appropriate. It wouldn’t have made it anything it wasnt.

But it would have avoided the poster being called a racist.

There are racists out there. A lot of them. But not EVERYTHING comes back to racism.

Maybe believing that makes me naive. Maybe it makes me a racist… I don’t know. But I’ll keep asking the question now.


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