So You’re Offended (An open letter from a Sociopath to the Pollitical Correctness police)

The world is a fucked up place. I’ve said this before. I’ll probably be repeating it until the day I die. But that’s just how it is.

There is one thing that is making this so, I would have to point to the “Politically Correct” ideal. I can’t stand trying to be politically correct.  The double talk, and the careful wordplay, where no one is ever wrong, and everyone gets a cookie at the end of the day, you know, for “trying.”

I guess that’s why my friends AREN’T politically correct. But what they are, is honest. For some reason, we’ve moved into this PC space where it’s rude and oppressive to tell people they’re wrong. And that if someone is offended by something, that actually matters. Sometimes, it does. Being offended could be a sign something bad happened. But in that case, the “bad” thing that happened is what matters, not the offended “feeling” it generated.

Anyone with a conscience (and some of us without one) can see that calling a 9 year old a cunt isn’t ok. THAT’S a problem.

However, the fact that it offended YOU? That isn’t a problem. Why? Because in the overall scheme of things, you don’t matter. I don’t matter. This blog doesn’t matter. None of us are special. Deal with it. Your teachers, your parents, and almost ever adult you’ve dealt with from birth to turning 18, lied to you. Get over it.

The above probably offended some people. So what? Tell me why its WRONG. Your feelings aren’t facts.

And that is the second great lie of the PC generation. Somehow, your ignorance has come to be held equal to my knowledge. You uneducated backwards thinking to be held on par with someone who actually KNOWS things. That’s so fucking heinous a concept that it should be fought with a fervor usually reserved for world wars, or people who talk in the theatre.

If you don’t know what a word means, don’t use it. And definitely don’t get all “offended” when someone points out what it ACTUALLY MEANS. You’re entitled to your opinions, no matter how backwards or stupid. You are not entitled to your own facts or definitions.

Knowledge and Ignorance are not equals. We should not “agree to disagree” with someone who says the world is flat, or that it’s 6000 years old. Firstly, we KNOW both these things are false, and secondly, WTF? “agree to disagree”? No. This isn’t complex philosophy where we don’t know the answer, and thus MUST disagree, without conclusion. The world is round. If you think otherwise, fuck you, go drink draino.

Nothing will get fixed if we agree to disagree. Nothing will get better if we don’t admit “hey, I don’t know what to do, let me see who might.” Nothing will ever change in a PC environment,  because change might offend people.

If you can’t come up with a better argument than “I’m Offended”… Shut up, and spare the world. Go tell your mom/partner/someone who actually should give a shit how you “feel”.



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