Fat-“Hatred”, and the Anti-Science Left

It seems I’m always ranting lately.

The other day, there was a fantastic program on how the political “Left” can also be anti-science. Now, I’m not here to say they are “just as bad” as the right… I don’t think that’s true.

However, they have taken this need to be politically correct and made it into a science denying religion of their own. In the effort of full disclosure, I am probably about as far left on the political spectrum as one can be, hovering somewhere between a Communist and an Anarchist, depending just how pissed off I feel at the moment the question is asked.

And yet, even I will not deny science to embrace some notion of remaining politically correct. And it’s just gotten worse over the years.

Now, everything is an “ist” or an “ism”.

Oh, what’s that, I won’t hire an 85 year old man to be a firefighter? Fuck, that’s “AGE-IST.” Won’t hire someone with epilepsy to drive your forklift… Able-ism.  And god forbid you say ANYTHING negative about the number of morbidly obese people on this fucking earth, that’s “fat hatred.”

What do all these things have in common? THEY’RE FUCKING STUPID.

Science bitches, it exists for a reason. The fact is an 85 year old does not have the BIOLOGICAL ABILITY to do the jobs necessary of a firefighter. (and, since we as a society cannot turn Grandpa in the 6-million-dollar man yet, that’s just the way it fucking is.)

Saying anyone who says “being obese is bad” is hating fat people is moronic. “Healthy at Any Size” is just stupid leftism for “I’ll ignore the one part of me that’s unhealthy so I can claim I’m perfect the way I am.” Lance Armstrong was in better shape than most of the people on earth… so long as you ignored the FUCKING CANCER in his nuts.

Seriously, Climate Change is Real. Being fat is BAD FOR YOU. And if you think grandpa would make a great firefighter, good for you, but your god damn wrong.


One thought on “Fat-“Hatred”, and the Anti-Science Left

  1. It’s funny how people are made when people don’t hire someone because of their sex yet we won’t hire someone that is too old. People are hired for a reason it’s not always to do with sex but it can be. People shouldn’t take it so personally.

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