Over the last year, there have been some major changes in my life… including some huge changes to my health (namely, my weight), and I’ve recorded them here.

I’ll also be starting to add recipes that I enjoy, places to find good meat, articles about the Paleo diet, and the other benefits I’ve found (ok, was led to) that have helped improve my health dramatically.

One thing I want to be perfectly clear on however is that *I* am NOT a dietitian in any way. These articles will be for information, but I don’t want anyone suddenly getting sick because they try and fast like I do or something.



One thought on “FatGuyFit

  1. Hello, Jreece. This is radiant song. Myth-Weavers is still down, and yours is the only webpage I know about, so I’m leaving a message here.

    If you cannot see the email address attached to this message, I can leave my email address here. Or you can display an address I can write to. I’d prefer the latter. I’ll be checking regularly to see if anything changes.

    Hope you are doing well and your athletic and weight loss program is going well. Take care.

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