Men’s Rights, and the Corruption of our Compassion

If we look at the world, there are some truly frightening figures out there for the problems facing everyone. Male, Female, Black, White, or Whatever.

And yet, for some reason we never teach our children how to properly deal with issues. We never teach them that just because a topic isn’t CURRENTLY the one being discussed, doesn’t mean it isn’t EVER the one being discussed.

It’s a hard lesson to learn, despite seeming so simple. No one would interupt an english class to ask why it’s not discussing math, or a math class to ask about biology… and yet, that is the entire argument that the “Men’s Rights Activists” use. Their entire point is “well, bad shit happens to men too, so fuck you.”

Yup. Bad shit happens to men too. And it needs to be addressed. In its own time, and its own space. But that space is NOT one where the blame simply passes straight to another group, with its own issues.

It’s like a western cultural mimic of Rwanda all over again. Where group A blames group B, when in reality, BOTH are victims of system C. In Rwanda, this was the Hutus blaming the Tutsis, when really both were victims of Colonial Hierarchy of Germany and then Belgium. In our society it is both men, and women, who are victims of an overarching Patriarchy.

A fathers rights to their child is often one of the “cornerstone” ideals an MRA will invoke. Any man with children will feel emotionally drawn to this issue. And yet, they somehow twist it.

Think for a moment, and ask what makes more sense:

MRA : “Men don’t get access to their children as often because a group of women fighting for equal and fair treatment under the law went overboard, and now ALWAYS get the kids”


Reality: “Women are seen as mothers first, and people second, and EVERYONE “knows” a child needs its mother, and clearly the mother spent more time with/cared more about the child than the father, so it should go with her”

If you read those over, you’ll realize one of them matches up with the societal bias we have all lived and grown in for numerous years… well the other one is moronic drivel, that makes ZERO sense, unless you ignore everything that has happened in the world for the last 400 years.

All the MRA has done, is corrupt our compassion. They have stolen the logic from our minds, and coupled it with emotions to stir the pot against women.

This isn’t a new idea. Hell, it wasn’t new in 600BCE, when the Greeks did the same thing, except they used the other city-states as their scapegoats. When life was hard in Sparta, it was Athens fault.  It has happened over and over throughout history… but never have we learned the lesson.

I want to know why men are killing themselves more often then women. I want to know why more fathers aren’t as active in their childrens lives, and why boys fail to graduate more often then girls…

But blaming women/feminism is too easy. It’s a simple answer, spouted by simple minds, with no baring on reality. And you cannot CHANGE something if you aren’t willing to face the REAL problem.


One thought on “Men’s Rights, and the Corruption of our Compassion

  1. By exaggerating, misrepresenting, or just completely fabricating someone’s argument, it’s much easier to present your own position as being reasonable, but this kind of dishonesty serves to undermine honest rational debate.

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