Welcome “Fake” Geeks!

When someone talks about “fake” geeks/nerds, it really means one specific thing. Girls/Women they feel don’t know enough about their particular brand of geekism.

What they label “fake”, I prefer to think of as “fresh”.

So, to my “fresh” geek and nerd friends, welcome.

You see, we all start out as noobs at some point. We all attended our first con, played our first game of D&D, or read our first fantasy/sci-fi novel. For some of us, it’s not too hard to remember a time before we could recite the entire history of Batman, Superman, or Iron Man. A time when we couldn’t quote Role Playing Game rule-books verbatim from memory, or hold long discussions on the merits of Mario 1, over Mario 3.

As we (the aging geeks, freaks, and nerds of the world) get older, it’s easier to forget that we didn’t always know everything. It’s also easy to forget that our particular brand of subculture isn’t the ONLY brand. My geek-fu on Anime is weak. Other than a few very specific examples (Robotech, Vampire Hunter D), it isn’t something I’ve ever been interested in. (That said, I would love to play the BESM RPG, as it looks pretty rocking.) My knowledge however of Tolkien, Star Trek, and most Fantasy lit is pretty high. I geek out to politics,  to history, to linguistics, and to video games.

Geeks are not Borg. We are individuals with differences and opinions. It’s what people are passionate about that makes them, not the things they care less about.

We’re lucky in many ways in this time. Fresh blood, and Fresh ideas are coming into the culture. Major movies are showing others the things we ourselves love, and spreading that around.

It’s scary sometimes, to have to change the way you think about yourself. To no longer be the outsider, or the weird kid. To have your hobbies embraced by a wider society that scorned them (and you) before. But instead of attacking, why not embrace the change for the GOOD it is?

So, as I said, Welcome “Fake” Geeks.  I hope your passion is infectious. I hope your ideas are heard. I hope the assholes don’t scare you away. I hope you love your first con. I hope you find a healthy, safe, and fun place to let loose, and be yourself.

Live Long and may the force be with you, Shiny!

PS – since you’re new, just an FYI … “Booth Babes”, are people. People who should be treated with respect. So don’t be a sleazy git ok?



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