On Sex and God

Warning:  This post probably isn’t for everyone. It involves sex work, and my personal thoughts thereon. There is very little articulation or cunning wordplay. The point is to be blunt, and I understand not everyone will respect/enjoy that approach to a delicate topic… so, you’ve been warned.

Now, lets make one thing clear. I love sex workers. Not in the “I can’t get enough” kinda way… I guess it’s more envy (in one single respect) than love, but still. They are, as a general rule, awesome.

This goes for men, women, gay, straight, trans, whatever, sex workers. The only cravat would be that they CHOSE to get into sex work.

They say, “do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”… well, who doesn’t love sex? (ok, there are probably some people, asexual and such, but I’ve never met any, and they are statistically rare) And a sex worker is someone who gets to HAVE SEX, for a living. There are only 2 reasons I’m not lining up to join this line of work myself (My wife would KILL me, and no one would be willing to pay me)…. but there exists a problem in our society when it comes to sex work/workers.

The problem is this… people, are assholes. People are nosey, all up in everyone elses business, “you must follow my rules”, gits. Not all people… but too freaking many. They demonize sex workers. They make them into modern day lepers, outcasts, to be scorned. Slut shamed, and slandered. Subhuman.

Generally, these holier-than-thou assclowns hide behind some stupid justification for their behaviour like “god”, or “holy book X” or some other equally fucked up excuse to take a group of people who should be considered the example of a free and open society, and force them into dark corners, full of danger.

I hope one day we can have a world like Wheedons “Firefly”, where “companions” are not only accepted, but respected, and not treated as simply “things” to be brushed away and hidden under the carpet away from civilized society.

The fact that websites like “Possible Prostitute” exist sickens me. Firstly because its fucking disgusting to extort money this way, but mostly because it builds on this “whores are sluts, and sluts are bad” mentality.

If you happen to be one of those people with this mentality. Fuck you. Fuck you and your stupid, moronic, 13th century morality. Grow the fuck up, put on your big person pants, and realize the only genitals you have the right to regulate are your own.

Oh, does that not agree with your religion? Tough.

And to all the sex workers out there. Fuck ya! you rock. Do what you want to do, and don’t let some creep try and make you ashamed of following the oldest, honest, career. (At least the people you fuck are consenting adults, and that puts you one step ahead of most Priests and Prophets)


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