On Teachers,

Recently, a post has been going around facebook, and the internet, about one of the teachers in Newtown, and her heroic actions. Others have questioned whether these actions actually took place, or are overblown.Fact is, it doesn’t matter. ALL our teachers are heroes, and it’s about time to remind them we know it.

I won’t say teaching is a “thankless” job, but it is closer to that lately than being afforded the respect it deserves. We ask so much of our teachers already, and constantly add more to their plates.  We expect them to care for our children as we do, to teach them, to protect them, to help them. We expect them to be above reproach. We expect them to put in time doing extra-curricular activities, take long field-trips, and spend more and more time coming up with lesson plans.

We expect them to do as well with a room of 40 kids, as with a room of 12.

And we expect them to take all these things in stride, even as we cut school budgets, tie their hands, make their jobs next to impossible.

The truly amazing part? They do it. Every day, 5 days a week, without fail. They carry the weight of the future, and the weight of our carelessness and neglect on broad shoulders. What more could we ask for of our heroes?

I am sure very few of my teachers remember me, but I remember each of them, and what they taught me. Especially those lessons that matter in life, but are never on a test.

Mr. Dennis, you taught me 4th and 5th grade. You taught me about the importance of putting effort into things, even if they came easily, and sparked in me a love of Poetry, I still hold to this day.

Mr. Stratton, I learned of the world from your slideshows, and my feet have ever suffered from wanderlust ever since. I cannot tell you how much that has meant to me.

Mr. O’Toole, you taught me English… a handy skill as I write these words, but not nearly as important as the lessons on passion, and the power of Words. (I’m still no good with grammar however)

…. The three teachers have shaped my life more than any other individuals. Possibly even more than my family as a collective.

I challenge you today,to think of your own lives, and the teachers who helped you grow into them.


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