Girl Meets Lightsaber — Jenna Bausch

This week I was introduced to a new blogger. I can’t believe I wasn’t following her before, but hey, no ones perfect.  And, as so many things in life, it was all thanks to Wil Wheaton.

I reviewed his new show Tabletop this week, and on it was a woman named Jenna Busch. Her blog, has very quickly become a favourite of mine.

It’s easy to like a blog which features “Lets talk about Porn” as its current top headline, but to do so would be to undercut the real reason behind why I now follow, and read, Jenna’s blog.

It’s brilliant.

The commentary is intelligent and insightful while remaining fun. In a rare twist, I find the blog is both though provoking and non-judgmental.  It’s someones opinions, well articulated, reasoned, and illustrated.  The archives and older posts are well worth looking through, and remain poignant through today.

Short version? If you want to read intelligent, and well articulated, Geek Blogging, Check out You wont regret it.


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