Fresh Hell

Fresh Hell

Fresh really does describe the new web series by Brent Spiner. It is witty, clever, and overall funny. Having had the pleasure to watch the entire series to date, I feel a growing sense of connectedness with the characters being developed. Brent is brilliantly self depreciating, while still managing to be both humble and entertaining. His zest for acting is shown over and over in some of the truest moments.

Joining him in the cast are a small group of very talented actors. Besides Brent himself, there is also Dakota, played by Kat Steel, the beautiful girl next door aspiring pornstar, her manager/BF Tommy, played by Brian Palermo, their upstairs practitioners of everything, Valerie (Karen Austin), and her live in friend Larry (Mike Rose). Kat’s portrayal of Dakota is incredibly interesting and complex. She manages to play a character without the social graces, or articulation one expects from someone of great intelligence, but does so in such a way that Dakota is seen not as the “idiot neighbour”, but as a great foil for showing Brent the good in the world through Naive eyes. In a few places she is able to truly show off her skills and steal the spotlight from and equally impressive cast.

Those of us with a nerds ear (and eyes) will recognize Kat as the voice of Ibuki from the last two Street Fighter games, but she is hardly the only cast member with some geek credits.  Karen Austin has been on 2 different series of Star Trek (Voyager and DS9), as well as Battlestar Galactica (the new one). And the “woman of Brents Dreams”, Jolinda (Kate Connor) was the voice of Ms. Black in LA Noire, along with appearing on both Mad Men, and Criminal Minds.

The cast has earned their strips, but in the end, its the unity, the quirkiness, and the humour that binds the show together more than anything else. The chemistry between everyone is really great, and the running gags that carry over make watching from the beginning a special treat.

The saddest part is that the episodes are short, and end too soon. I am now stuck waiting for another episode…

But hey, at least I’m not Brent Spiner.


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