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It might seem off, given my oft quoted pension for not being overly found of children. That said, I still think all children have the right to have fun, be happy, and grow up. This might seem like an altruistic sentiment,  but really, it’s much more about spite. I had to endure those awkward teenage years so they should too.

But they should also get the same kinds of reprieve that I got. Going out to the movies is one of those few blissful moments in which we can forget ourselves. For a few hours, a great movie can transport us to a different world, were anything is possible.  These movies carry us away and for brief periods let us forget how crummy life is.

The Lollipop Theater Network makes sure that kids and teens who wouldn’t have this escape normally due to illness still get to some escapism in their lives. They get the movies (still in theater) and bring them in to the hospitals to show. There are red carpets, tickets, the whole nine yards.

We literally roll out the red carpet, distribute movie tickets and memorabilia, and screen movies ONLY available in theaters. Sometimes the stars of the film are even available to make a special visit! To ensure that no child ever misses a movie, LOLLIPOP provides multiple screenings in group and isolation settings.

Our desire is to create a fun escape from the daily reality of the illnesses and medical treatments these children face. And in the process, LOLLIPOP hopes to deliver a “normal” experience for the entire family.

We believe hope and laughter are key ingredients in having the strength to fight and to cope with hospitalization. Most of these pediatric patients – ranging in age from 2-20 years – are normally deprived of the movie-going experience, as they are unable to leave the hospital for weeks or months on end, if ever.

Since LOLLIPOP’s first screening in 2002, we have screened over 225 films and now reach hospitalized children in over 18 states nationwide.
— Lollipop Theater Network Website

You can check out the groups website here, and see for yourself. It’s an amazing thing what they do for these kids, and I hope to see them expand up here to canada.


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