The King is Dead

The King is Dead

By The Decemberists

The Decemberists are one of the more unique sounding bands of the modern age of generic music, all sounding produced, without meaning or truth built into it.  Their most recent album, The King is Dead, is a true masterpiece of modern times. It has enough upbeat tones to keep one from spiraling into a depression, but is also serious, and powerful.

Songs like Down by the WaterJune Hymn, and Dear Avery take us all back to those days of our youth, sitting and wishing. When life was filled with the musings of “Does she like me?” and wishing we could just relax and breath. The sound catching and carrying us away on the waves  formed by Colin Meloys’ vocals.

As you move along, the pace changes. Until it suddenly you are flung into This is why we fight and the chaos and elaborate building of musical structure within the song is awe inspiring. While the song does a fantastic job painting a picture of a horrendous hell, the overall song is reminiscent of the old war songs of our grandfathers. The importance and glory of the fight is made clear, without relaxing or slinking away from the horrors of war.

While each song stands on its own as a brilliant work of musical art, the album as a whole leaps into an entire new category. While it is unlikely to reach the mainstream popularity that is reached by pandering pop princesses, or homoerotic boy bands, it is kept more precious that way. A rare treasure, just waiting to be ruined by hipsters.


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