A Serious Message About the Toronto Police Service

I know I can be a harsh critic of the Toronto Police Service. Hell, so does anyone who read my recent post about their “Fashion Guide” on this blog. But it’s time to be serious about some harsh realities hitting our city, and those who do what they can to protect us.

Toronto Police is undermanned. They have lost 204 positions from their authorized strength, and police chief Bill Blair believes they will lose another 122 in 2013, without any new hires, due to a budget freeze.

Now, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that the odds are, a mayor who spends more time in court than in his own office, probably isn’t going to be a big fan of the legal system. Toronto Police Service takes that on the chin.

The standards for them a high, and rightfully so. But how can we try and hold them to those standards without proper funding or manpower? The city ties their hands, and the people bludgeon them for failing to catch things.

We expect them to keep our roads safe, to keep our people safe, to do the right thing, always. We ask them to put their lives before ours, but we’re too cheap, too petty, and too divided to make sure they have the people, and the money, they need to do it.

Our taxes are supposed to go to these things. We’re supposed to already be paying for them. But the people in charge are too busy spending the money on other crap. (What are the mayors lawyer fees at now?)

So, lets all make charity donations directly to the Toronto Police Service. Show them we care as much about helping them, as they do about us. Hell, we can write it off come tax time, just think of it as directly deciding where your tax dollars are going for a change.

If we can help them be properly funded, properly staffed, and properly equipped… Then we have the moral grounds to demand they act properly in every situation.

Until then, we have to cut them some slack. They do the best they can, and work with the mayor/council we gave them.

And that’s on us.


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