Baseball, Hockey, and Sports (Oh My….)

(Yes, the title should be read in your best George Takei voice)

It’s a big week for sports it seems. NHL Lockout, round 2, is coming to a close and Jose Canseco wants to be mayor of Toronto.

And frankly, I don’t care. Out of all the stories in the sports world, only Canseco even peeks my interest, and only then because of the humour value. The NHL is going to be back, but I find it hard to justify going back myself. This is the second lockout in the last decade. And what are they for?

Well, they’re for money. But lets be frank, this isn’t an oppressed workforce fighting to earn a living wage, or even a fair wage. This is a bunch of millionaires, fighting to get a slightly higher % of the profits on that $10 beer you just bought. And their nemesis in locking them out isn’t some evil oil tycoon trying to scrimp in every penny to make themselves fractionally more wealthy… Oh, wait…Yes it is.

So, we have two separate and greedy groups, fighting over who gets what part of our money, after already charging insane prices for things… and we’re supposed to be overjoyed that they finally agreed to who gets to get what.

The only analogy to this I can think of is that we are all apparently the NHL/NHLPA prison prostitute. They give us something we crave, and we let them fuck us for it. For the last 6 months tho, we’ve had to go without while the two burly gentlemen renegotiated who got to go first.

Now, we’re supposed to be thrilled they’ve decided.


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