The Holmes Foundation

The Holmes Foundation

The mission of The Holmes Foundation is to ensure that all residential renovation and construction in Canada is done right–the first time. ~ Make It Right/Holmes Foundation Website

It’s a wicked world we live in.  That’s what the song says at least, and in some ways, it’s very accurate. In all trades and business there are the good and the bad. I’ve been fortunate in my life to find a place with one of the good.  In the last few weeks, working multiple home shows around central ontario, I’ve heard some real horror stories from people.

The Holmes Foundation is aiming to prevent these issues, and even more extensive future issues. As it stands, there is good and bad in the construction trades, but in future years, as those leading the trades retire, we will have a massive lack of trained professionals.  When this happens, a vicious cycle will begin where the few cannot train enough people to replace them, and the numbers will continue to shrink.

Enter Mike Holmes.

Anyone who has seen any of his shows knows he is Mr. Make it Right. His dedication to doing things properly, the first time, shines through everything he and his crew do, and fills those who do business with him with confidence.

By helping the Holmes Foundation, we can help make our future contractors embody this same morality, ethical fortitude, and dedication to their craft.

You can find more here:, Go, check it out. A very worthwhile cause.

And remember, one day… everyone needs a tradesman.


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